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Garcia Development LLC Corporate Offices

The mission of Garcia Development, LLC is to create and sell quality housing to excited home owners. We want these homeowners to be proud of their new home. The word "home" means more to us than it does to an average contractor. We treat every housing project as if we were building a home for our families. By doing so, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. At Garcia Development, LLC, we not only restore homes, we restore communities.


Mickey Garcia graduated from the University of West Georgia, where he earned two degrees in Finance and Real Estate. During his years at West Georgia, he worked as the General Manager of J. R. Morgan Oil Company in Carrollton, Georgia. He was involved with many organizations, including the Jaycees, the Finance Club, and the Real Estate Association.

After resigning from the Oil Company, Mickey built several convenience stores and operated them. He then sold the stores and moved to Hampton Roads. Mickey always had the desire to restore old homes and it was the perfect timing to do so. In 1998, Mickey passed the tests for his Class A Contractor’s License and has restored and renovated houses ever since.

More recently, Mickey has worked with Historic Societies, Housing Authorities, and Municipalities to improve entire neighborhoods in accordance with adopted city initiatives plans. Mickey was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. In addition, the Mayor of Suffolk recently tapped Mickey to sit on the “Task Force for Housing," designed to make reccommendations to City Council for changes in the Unified Development Ordinance. To date, Suffolk was one of the first cities to organize a task force and the only city to make formal recommendations for an affordable housing section in it's Comprehensive Plan. He sits on the board of the Suffolk Main Street Methodist Day Care. Mickey sits on the Board of the Hampton Roads Youth Center and the Advisory Board for the Bank of Hampton Roads. Mickey is also the Managing Member of Garcia Development, LLC.

Garcia Development, LLC
310 North Main Street
Suffolk, Virginia 23434

(757) 923-0090


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